RETURN 2015 is closed for claims. All successful claimants will paid in December.

RETURN is an annual service provided by IVARO which distributes royalties to visual creators whose works have been reproduced in books & magazines published in Ireland

All you need to do is complete an online application providing examples of what books or magazines your work has featured in.

We’ll then pay you a share of royalties we’ve collected for photocopies and scans of publications. These royalties are in addition to any copyright licensing fees you may have received when your work was first published.


Comments from claimants:

Thanks so much!..the ‘return’ money arrived yesterday. A lovely bonus at this time of year 🙂

Thanks for looking after our interests. It’s lovely to find the little injection in my bank account.

It was brilliant to have money lodged into my account at a time when I was absolutely, literally stony broke!

Where does the money come from

Collective Licensing is used in situations where it would be difficult or impossible for an individual to license their rights. Photocopying of their work is one example.  There is a wide range of images and visual material contained within books, magazines and journals in addition to the text.  Because this visual material can be photocopied and/or scanned, it follows that the right to copy visual material should be included in photocopying licences and schemes (known as reprographic copying).

In Ireland photocopying licenses are issued to businesses and educational institutions by the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA). On behalf of visual artists in Ireland, IVARO negotiates a share of this revenue and distributes it through the RETURN service. RETURN is available to all visual creators, not simply IVARO members.  Payments are made to qualifying artists, photographers, illustrators, and other visual artists, including heirs and beneficiaries.